Hand-dryer Prestige SP88

Product code : SP88 B (button)

Advantages and Features:

Three words to distinguish the prestige from any other way to dry your hands:

  • Hygiene: 
Research and testing by the National Health Service has shown warm air dryers to be hygienic in use. This has resulted in approval and use of warm air dryers as the preferred hand drying system in many National Health Service establishments.
  • Reliability: THE antivandalism solution, protected against abuse by a 6mm thick enamelled cast iron cover
    • Double thermal protection
    • Cenelec certified - C.E. Class I - IP23
  • Performance:
    • High speed and long life motor
    • airflow 5.5 m3/min (drying time about 25 sec)
  • 6 colours : White, Beige, Blue, Green, Brown, Bordeaux
  • Option: SP88 A (Automatic)

As perfection we provide you 5 years warranty (made in Belgium).

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